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One Of My Answers For @theyakmagazine December Edition

!! #2015

Who and/or what are you inspired by?

I try to find beauty amidst everything in this universe.

From my own family circumstances, I really learned a lot from my mom and my grandmother on how to be strong and have self-worth. They always encouraged me to work hard and make my own future. They always told me, "if you want something you should go get it yourself. Things will not drop from the sky so work hard." Terimakasih telah menjadi ibu dan bapak terbaik dalam hidup ku mama!! sahabat teman curhat yang paling memahami aku apa adanya, kritikus paling jujur yang selalu mengatakan kekurangan ku, i love youuuuuuu🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️ #whulanesia #whulandary #whulandaryherman #2015 #homesweethome #home #mother #mom #ibu #loveofmylife @officialwhulandaryherman