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Caught Me Milk-handed

For the past two days (including today) Ace♠️#Arupalaka has been on sleep marathon! Because he chooses to sleep more than to be awake, obviously he breastfeeds less. Today my breast have been squirting and leaking milk all day, so I had to start pumping again. From this morning till 23:00pm I have pumped out from both breasts about 1000ml 🍼🍼🍼. Here I just want to share information to #moms out there why our #babies can suddenly sleep more than usual or later-than-usual morning wake-up times, or finding that they need to bump up bedtime. That makes a lot of parents worry, well guess what let this be your worryfree!!! Your baby is sleeping more than usual due to #GROWTHSPURT ! So enjoy it! Your baby is growing up! 👶🏻💙 #babiessleepmorethanusual #momsharing #breastpumping #asiexclusive #asip