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According To Researches, Every Tenth

#premature #baby suffers from #hypoglycemia, that is, low blood sugar. Without proper correction, this can cause damage to the baby's brain.

Doctors from New Zealand examined the blood of 242 newborns, to which a "gel procedure" was applied. The results were stunning! The results of clinical trials were published in "The Lancet". According to the professor and the head of the research group at Jayne Harding University, therapy with dextrose (d-glucose) gel costs not more than 1 pound and is much easier than injecting glucose through the dropper.

The professor continues: "the increased nutrition of premature infants is not a guarantee against hypoglycemia, so many of them are injected with glucose intravenously." In addition to thay, studies have shown that the use of dextrose gel improves the state of children with hypoglycemia more effectively than increased feeding. #tahnik #saved #life #babies #islam #ayahbunda #ayah #ibu #ayahasi #ibuasi #busui