Walking Into The Weekend ✨ Happy Friday Everyone, Have A

blessed Jumma! And to those who are fasting for Ashura, may your fasts & prayers be accepted, I hope it’s going well for you iA!
I’m starting to realise that I only have a few more weeks (days?!) to wear all my summer clothes before the weather changes drastically (it’s times like these that I miss London, where you can literally get away with wearing the same wardrobe all year round, +/- a coat and scarf... #lifehacks). But at the same time, I’m SUPER excited for my first ‘Fall’ (Autumn) in America! What do you guys suggest I add to my ‘Fall to-do list’?! I’ve heard apple picking is a thing here? Can’t wait to hear your suggestions! 🍂🍁 #autumn #autumnfashion #fall . .
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