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Done Sending The 5-10% GOWIGASA

.COM Discount Vouchers to our lovely #byeUNhiGOWI participants! ;) In case you don't know, @GOWIGASA is celebrating the end of Indonesian UN (#UjianNasional / National Exam) by having this Surprise Giveaway: #byeUNhiGOWI ~!!
\(•ˆ ó ˆ•)/ \(•ˆ ó ˆ•)/ \(•ˆ ó ˆ•)/

Simply post your #byeUNhiGOWI pic and you'll get 5-10% Discount OFF your purchase! (≧▽≦)づ♡♡♡ More info on the blog:
*this giveaway will close on 25 April 2014 at 23:59 WIB

P.S. We recently launched our New Arrivals! Come visit (direct link is on my bio), I bet you're gonna love it ;D

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