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Yes We Fight Every Now And Then, But It's Because You're The

bull (Taurus) and I'm the goat (Capricorn) so we're both naturally stubborn. πŸ˜‚ Yet it has always been for a reason and never once we meant harm for each other.

Eventually, each fight, each laughter and each journey we had together have brought us closer and closer to the point that I hate what you hate and I love what you love. Well, not all of them, but we can almost always tell what's on our minds without having to speak about it.

My world will never been the same without you in it, and today is the day to remember and be eternally grateful about it.

To my dearest little sister,
My strength and my weakness,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I hope you live a super happy, healthy and loooooong long life so together we can see the world and enjoy it to the fullest! I love you so much, @elleyamada!!