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I Used To Go To This Indian Waxing Parlor In Pasar Baru

(Central Jakarta) just to remove some unwanted hair. The trip usually takes more than 3 hours thanks to Jakarta traffic jam and my underarm hair would grow in no time so I had to go back there again and again. Why this place, you ask. Well, they use honey, sugar and other natural ingredients for their waxing material so it smells so good and the pain was minimal!
P.S. Compared to shaving or plucking your hair, waxing is a far better choice. ;)

TODAY, however, I encountered a chance to try out this genius At-Home Waxing Kit by @SUGARPOTWAX which also uses those delicious natural ingredients (such as sugar, honey, chocolate, green tea, strawberry), comes with the strips and spatulas, smells and works as good as the Indian waxing parlor's AND priced very affordably at IDR 70-80k per kit.

Thanks to #SUGARPOTWAX, I can now wax myself at home and no longer need to go through those 3hr trips every time I need to show up my hairless skin! :D

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