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Known For Their Homemade Treats, @bakken

.id is back with these new scrumptious items! 😆🎁
✨ Dutch Apple Cake ✨
A bit too sweet to my liking, but the texture is moist and the thinly sliced apple on top gives very nice fragrance and interesting crispy bites in-between the soft, melting cake. I think this one would taste best when served warm, topped with vanilla ice cream and paired with wine (why not?) or a cup of hot, red tea.
✨ Cupcakes ✨
Make for pretty high tea or a cute thoughtful gift, overall, all the #cupcakes have moist #brownie-alike texture, normal sweetness level and all are drizzled with generous amount of #chocochips. Behold:
♡ Choco Lemon Brownie with lemon filling
♡ Green Tea Chocochip with chocolate filling
♡ Strawberry Brownie with strawberry jam filling
♡ Peanut Butter Brownie with peanut butter filling
My favorite is definitely the #GreenTeaCupcake! 🍵 I love how the green tea scent blends perfectly with the chocolate goodness in it, resulting in a heavenly #cupcake!
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