Fallin’ In Love With American Autumn 🍁 What Are Your

October goals? Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people making monthly resolutions. I’ve never come across this concept before but I love it. Why wait until the new year to set yourself new goals and targets?! Setting monthly goals helps us focus on what’s realistically attainable, and also allows us to hold ourselves accountable on a more regular basis, rather than just once a year.
Some of my October goals that I want to hit before the new year are 1) Study with more focus for my upcoming exams, and that means setting targets in the morning and not hanging out\relaxing until I’ve reached them! 2) Start preparing healthy breakfasts consisting of more fruit, because I really need to cut out these processed and sugary cereals that I’ve been introduced to since moving to the US!
3) Increase my exercising to 3 x a week. Not only is this super important for my physical health, but from past experience while studying during medical school, exercise makes me feel way more relaxed and reduces my anxiety levels significantly, especially in the lead up to exams.
What are your monthly goals? I’d love to hear them and maybe even borrow a few of them for myself 😉 #upstateny #newyork #fallfashion