Being proud and excited to enjoy the journey of "road to New York Fashion Week 2017"
Never been so happy to present our indonesian heritage, batik, to the world
We will always pray for you sister @dianpelangi
And hope your dedication to continuesly the highest level of modest hija … baca lanjutannya ►

How is it only Wednesday?? I can’t wait for the weekend so I can reunite with this #girlgang at New York Fashion Week! Incase you haven’t heard @emanidil is showcasing her very own collection! I love seeing talented muslim women breaking glass ceilings and doing their thing! You got this Eman iA … baca lanjutannya ►

New York Fashion Week- #ootd 1 at the Indonesian Diversity Runway! So excited for today’s shows! Keep an eye out for more NYFW looks on my stories! #day1 #nyfw #newyorkfashionweek #ss19 #indonesiandiversity @riviereagency 📷 by the sweetest @zaraasad_

New York Fashion Week - #ootd 2 for Oxford Fashion Studio and Eman Idil’s SS19 Runway! So proud of my talented friend @emanidil for killing it on the runway last night, check out my stories for a full coverage of yesterday’s looks! #modestfashion #nyfw #newyorkcity 📷 by my girl @zaraasad_

New York Fashion Week- #ootd 3 omw to the Dan Liu and Hogan Laughlin Runways at @springstudios ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I still remember about a year ago, I was in London practicing OSCEs (medical physical examinations) with a friend when she told me pink and red is the next big trend. Obviously eve … baca lanjutannya ►

Stronger together ✨👊🏻 #NYFW (📷 by @jews_of_ny ) ⠀⠀
Now that’s what you call a NYFW #streetstyle shot. It’s amazing meeting fashionistas from all walks of life, and so inspiring to see people of varying faiths come together to support Muslim designers at the #indonesiandivers … baca lanjutannya ►

Here’s me, quite literally, running away from my responsibilities during New York Fashion Week. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Having said that, I made sure to wake up early to reach my study target before allowing myself to get ready and head out for (what ended up being) my final NYFW show for this se … baca lanjutannya ►

Which #NYFW look was your favourite, 1, 2 or 3? ✨
When I was invited to NYFW this season, I’ll admit, I was a little nervous about what I was going to wear. Having never been to fashion week before, I really didn’t know what to expect and did feel some pressure t … baca lanjutannya ►

Backstage before #NYFW #PressConference.
Sedikit ulasan, tenun yang saya gunakan dalam rancangan ini bermotif geometris. Ragam hias geometris adalah motif tertua dalam ornamen, dan telah dikenal sejak jaman prasejarah. Motif geometris berkembang dari wujud titik, garis, atau bagian yang telah … baca lanjutannya ►

Does not matter what race, color, religion, or shape you are, all women are beautiful. So proud to have women in different shapes, colors, and race walk the show today! That is what we call #diversity.
The collection will be exclusively available on @hijup ❤
#newyorkfashionweek … baca lanjutannya ►

Again, my very first fashion show in New York Fashion Week's First Stage was wrapped. Thank you for all of your love and support, and my utmost respect and gratitude for @hijup who's been having faith on everything that I've been doing so far. Once again, THANK YOU.
"Makkah Madinah Jannah" run … baca lanjutannya ►

Only Allah knows how proud I am to be #moslemwear representative from #Indonesia to showcase my "Makkah Madinah Jannah" runway collection on #nyfwfirststage.
Dear people, it's all about humanity and we are just a human being no matter who we are. #vivizubedi #newyorkfashionweek #fromjkttony

URANG BANUA . VIVI ZUBEDI F/W 2018 #nyfwtheshows
Supported by:
The first Modest E-commerce in the world @HIJUP
Halal beauty @wardahbeauty

From Indonesia, URANG BANUA for #nyfwtheshows 2018.

URANG BANUA . VIVI ZUBEDI F/W 2018 #nyfwtheshows
Supported by:
The first Modest E-commerce in the world @HIJUP
Halal beauty @wardahbeauty

Banua Borneo! #UrangBanua #NYFW 2018🔥

Backstage and monogram hijab #VZSpringSummer2019 #VZMonogramlaunched #NYFW

The two sides VZ kaftan, emblazoned with VZ spring/summer print.
Details: VZ monogram long hijab, clear tote bag and pom-pom sandal.
#VZspringsummer2019 #NYFW
📷 @biancabarbenphotography

Answering the backstage interview during #VZSpringSummer2019 show at #NYFW.

#Backstage situation of #VZspringsummer2019 #VZmonogramrevealed #NYFW
It’s fine with abaya tho 🔥 -VZ
Details: VZ bloom monogram scarf, VZ white tshirt, VZ monogram reversible abaya

The monogram piece - Marrakech bloom voal scarf - VZ clear bag in black hit the runway #NYFW #VZspringsummer2019 #VivizubediSS19

@michaelkors #NYFW