Being proud and excited to enjoy the journey of "road to New York Fashion Week 2017"
Never been so happy to present our indonesian heritage, batik, to the world
We will always pray for you sister @dianpelangi
And hope your dedication to continuesly the highest level of modest hija … baca lanjutannya ►

New York Fashion Week- #ootd 1 at the Indonesian Diversity Runway! So excited for today’s shows! Keep an eye out for more NYFW looks on my stories! #day1 #nyfw #newyorkfashionweek #ss19 #indonesiandiversity @riviereagency 📷 by the sweetest @zaraasad_

Stronger together ✨👊🏻 #NYFW (📷 by @jews_of_ny ) ⠀⠀
Now that’s what you call a NYFW #streetstyle shot. It’s amazing meeting fashionistas from all walks of life, and so inspiring to see people of varying faiths come together to support Muslim designers at the #indonesiandivers … baca lanjutannya ►

Every street’s a runway #nywf
Andddd that’s a wrap! I feel so lucky to have had the chance to experience NYFW, despite only moving to New York a few months ago! #alhamdulillah ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I’m definitely leaving this week feeling thankful to the PR co … baca lanjutannya ►

Walking into the weekend ✨
Happy Friday everyone, have a blessed Jumma! And to those who are fasting for Ashura, may your fasts & prayers be accepted, I hope it’s going well for you iA!
I’m starting to realise that I only have a few more weeks (days?!) to w … baca lanjutannya ►

Backstage before #NYFW #PressConference.
Sedikit ulasan, tenun yang saya gunakan dalam rancangan ini bermotif geometris. Ragam hias geometris adalah motif tertua dalam ornamen, dan telah dikenal sejak jaman prasejarah. Motif geometris berkembang dari wujud titik, garis, atau bagian yang telah … baca lanjutannya ►

Fitting day 2 #newyorkfashionweek #indonesiandiversity #fromjkttony #vivizubedi

Does not matter what race, color, religion, or shape you are, all women are beautiful. So proud to have women in different shapes, colors, and race walk the show today! That is what we call #diversity.
The collection will be exclusively available on @hijup ❤
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Again, my very first fashion show in New York Fashion Week's First Stage was wrapped. Thank you for all of your love and support, and my utmost respect and gratitude for @hijup who's been having faith on everything that I've been doing so far. Once again, THANK YOU.
"Makkah Madinah Jannah" run … baca lanjutannya ►

Only Allah knows how proud I am to be #moslemwear representative from #Indonesia to showcase my "Makkah Madinah Jannah" runway collection on #nyfwfirststage.
Dear people, it's all about humanity and we are just a human being no matter who we are. #vivizubedi #newyorkfashionweek #fromjkttony

This collection tells of a self-understanding as an individual who has balanced thinking about the journey of life now and later. She believes that being someone who realizes her nature as human who has no power of life without the help of the 'owner of the world'; keeps her humble in facing ups and … baca lanjutannya ►

"Makkah Madinah Jannah" runway collection #newyorkfashionweek first stage #fromjkttony .
Makeup: @wardahbeauty @carolinasepteritabeauty
Photographer: @afidasukma
Video: @fuadiyahya
Bag: @dorisdorotheaofficial
Shoes: @sutekishoesmaker
Vivi Zubedi supported

Beautiful in modesty #vivizubedi #newyorkfashionweek -
[ready-to-wear version will be available exclusively only at @hijup]